One Village One Product Movement(OVOP hereafter)

Human Resource Development
OVOP's ultimate goal is fostering global-minded, challenging leaders, who could drive OVOP into further success. Regions that have successfully adopted OVOP in the past all had such leaders at the frontier.

A number of regional training schools have been founded to educate potential leaders, and students of these schools usually work by day and study by night. By 2002, 10 years after the schools first opened, there were 1,991 graduates, and they were all actively involved in OVOP in their respective regions and sectors. Training schools that were exclusively designed for each industry, such as Agricultural Training School, Commerce School, International College, Environment School, IT Academy and OVOP Women's 100 Member Group, were also established to nurture leaders in a wider range of fields.

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Oita OVOP International Exchange Promotion Committee
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