One Village One Product Movement(OVOP hereafter)

Why was OVOP proposed?
(1) to prevent depopulation and loss of energy in Oita Prefecture
(2) to find and nurture products/industries that could best reflect and benefit each region
(3) to eradicate heavy dependency upon government, and to promote autonomy and willingness amongst regional people

How was OVOP propagated?
(1) Mr. Hiramatsu proposed the movement to regional leaders
(2) Mr. Hiramatsu delivered lectures on the movement to people of all sectors in all the regions of Oita
(3) The movement was further publicized through mass media
(4) Prefectural research and guidance facilities were established for technical support in various industries
(5) Training and education were offered to regional and industrial leaders
(6) A special system for the distribution and sales of OVOP products was set up
(7) Achievers of OVOP were rewarded

Principles of OVOP
(1) Local yet global
Creating globally accepted products that reflect pride in the local culture
(2) Self-reliance and Creativity
Realization of OVOP though independent actions utilizing the potential of the region
(3) Human Resource Development
Fostering of people with a challenging and creative spirit

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