One Village One Product Movement(OVOP hereafter)

Local diplomacy
OVOP has been introduced to numerous regions abroad, and Oita is engaged in inter-regional/local diplomacy with these regions through its support for the promotion of OVOP. Some examples of OVOP-equivalents abroad are:
( 1 ) One Factory One Product (Shanghai, China)
( 2 ) One City One Product (Shanghai, China)
( 3 ) One District One Product (Shanghai, China)
( 4 ) One Village One Treasure (Wuhan, China)
( 5 ) One Town One Product (Jiangsu, China)
( 6 ) One Capital One Product (Jiangsu, China)
( 7 ) One Village One Product (Shanxi, China)
( 8 ) One Village One Product (Jiangxi, China)
( 9 ) One Barangay One Product (The Phillippines)
(10) One Region One Vision (The Phillippines)
(11) Satu Kampung Satu Produk Movement (Malaysia)
(12) Back to Village (East Java, Indonesia)
(13) One Tambon One Product Movement (Thailand)
(14) One Village One Product Movement (Cambodia)
(15) Neuang Muang Neuang Phalittaphan Movement(Laos)
(16) Neg Bag Neg Shildeg Buteegdekhuun(Mongolia)
(17) One Village One Product Day (Los Angeles, USA)
(18) One Parish One Product Movement (Louisiana, USA)

These movements helped to bring much prosperity into each of these regions and Mr. Hiramatsu was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award, often regarded as the Nobel Peace Prize in Asia, in 1995 for his contributions in the economic independence and development in Asian countries.

Listed below are all the countries and regions with which Oita has had relations through OVOP.

Continent Country Region/Body involved
Europe UK
Federal government
Americas USA
Paraguay, Texas, Louisiana
Manitoba Province
Central government
Espirito Santo
Central government
Africa Malawi
Central government
Central government
Asia South Korea

The Philippines
Seoul, Jeollanamdo Province, Saemaul Movement
Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hubei, Gansu, Shanxi, Jiangxi
State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs
Kedah Province
Calabarzon Region
Central government
Central government
Central government
West Sumatra, East Java, Jakarta
Central government, Bayankhongor Province
Oceania Australia Queensland, Tasmania

Following from the objective of achieving "Symbiosis with Asia," exchanges with Asian countries were particularly given much importance, and in 1994 the "Asia Kyushu Regional Exchange Summit," whose aim is to bring regional leaders from Kyushu and Asian countries together and allow between them ample exchanges of ideas on regional development, human resources and environment issues, was first held. The 8th summit was hosted by Cambodia in 2002. Through this Summit, Oita endeavors to build a closer connection between these regions and create Asia Kyushu Economic Bloc, where a free trade zone could be established.
In the past, many privileged leaders and politicians have visited Oita Prefecture for the purpose of learning OVOP. These distinguished guests include former and current prime ministers and presidents of Britain, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, South Korea, Thailand and Guatemala. Meanwhile, Mr. Hiramatsu also visited these countries upon request and delivered OVOP lectures and helped to introduce OVOP in these countries.
In April 2000, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) was opened in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture. Half of its students are from abroad and currently there are more than 2,000 foreign students enrolled. In 2003, the figure is expected to rise to 2,500. Oita was selected as one of the 10 venues in Japan for the 2002 FIFA World Cup and successfully hosted this worldwide sports event. Furthermore, Oita's dedication to natural environment has led it to sign the "Green Network Declaration" with 5 Asian countries, through which great efforts to preserve the greenery are being made.
More exchanges of various kinds, be it through education, sports and environment-related, are underway in Oita and we hope to stay open to the world and our efforts to further our ties with the world will only grow under the slogan "Think Globally, Act Locally."

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